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The Most Sought-After Amenity Winner Is...

See the whole Top 10 list to learn how your properties stack up

Tenant expectations are high: top-notch commercial building amenities. What can you offer that your neighboring office parks don’t? What are the significant amenities that will set your campus apart? As part of our series on the most sought-after amenities, we’ve talked about ways you can bring convenience to your tenants in many ways according to Fooda (the mega partner for corporate food service at leading companies like Amazon, GM, Wayfair and Hyatt).

This week we finish off our list with the #1 most sought-after tenant amenity and recap the whole Top 10 for you.

Conference Facilities

Fooda’s #1 spot goes to Conference Facilities. Most of your tenants will create their own individual conference rooms (or may use your shared conference spaces), but many companies don't have enough space to accommodate large events. Do you? If you have spaces that accommodate 50, 100, or more, boast about that! Not all office parks do.

Conference facilities with adjustable room sizes make it easy for tenants to plan and host larger meetings like hiring events, employee appreciation offerings, or large company-wide or investor meetings. You can save them money by not having to rent event facilities or hotel conference spaces for special events like these.

Offering conference rooms with different configuration possibilities or unique elements can also send tenant satisfaction into high gear. Consider this tree-top setting conference space at Alexandria in RTP NC. Who wouldn’t want to have a meeting in this unique space that’s sure to impress guests as being something special?


Supplying consistent cutting-edge high-tech equipment in all your conference rooms will make your tenants’ IT team’s lives easier and they’ll love you. By offering consistency in technology, equipment requirements, and operation, setup will become a breeze. Conference room equipment headaches are stressful and dreaded. If you need a techie resource to know what you need to improve your conference facilities or campus-wide Wi-Fi, MOBLZ has those in spades. Reach out for suggestions from our tech team.

And speaking of tech, by offering scheduling technology for your amenities (including your meeting rooms), you’ll help tenants ensure accurate reservations and avoid double-booking nightmares. Did you know that MOBLZ has scheduling technology via our GoAmenity self-service platform for commercial and residential properties? Yes, we do that too.

The Top 10 Most Sought-After Corporate Amenities

  1. Conference facilities
  2. Reliable, fast Wi-Fi
  3. Easy access to parking and transportation
  4. Dining options – we say food trucks!
  5. Fully equipped fitness centers – we say mobile fitness providers!
  6. Outdoor space
  7. Eco-friendly options
  8. Security measures
  9. Tenant lounge
  10. Retail – we say pop-up markets!

How does your office park measure up with this list?

Looking for ways to offer convenient and fun events for your property?

MOBLZ may be able to help you create community-building events through relationships we’ve cultivated and improve the work-life balance for your tenants. Being a MOBLZ-enabled property can bring more than just food truck rotations. We’re helping property managers like you do more with less effort in the event planning space.