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Expand Your Food Truck or Mobile Service Business with MOBLZ

Expand Your Mobile Service Business

Online and Mobile Reservation Portal

  • No Fee - it's FREE - There is no cost to you or % of sales for this service
  • Free listing in the MOBLZ Food Truck Directory
  • Reserve exclusive locations easily, including our hot locations
  • Get included in the MOBLZ marketing promotions and social media to help promote your service to the properties
  • Access building tenants through food truck rotation/event alerts notices
  • Learn about tips and industry trends with MOBLZ content and newsletters
  • Get extra promotion for your truck with our Featured Truck promotions
  • Receive reviews from tenants and event attendees
  • Improve your own SEO with links and content from MOBLZ
  • Track, modify, and cancel your reservations with our online reservation portal
  • Easily find dates for booking new service opportunities
  • Provide feedback on each service (which we use to constantly improve MOBLZ-enabled properties)
  • Reach a new audience with the MOBLZ network of properties
  • Save time in scheduling at multiple locations
  • Book with a former trucker who understands food truck rotation and catered lunch challenges
  • Get access to more than just food truck rotations thru the MOBLZ event network

Certification and Document Management

Help property managers to review your business and certify you:

  • Upload documents required by building management such as your liability insurance, business license, or other requirements
  • Receive renewal reminders for expiring documents so you'll always meet the property's requirements
  • Make new property approval processes EASY

Notifications and Analytics

Build and optimize important property management relationships:

  • Receive and reply to building management notifications
  • Track and analyze your sales performance at each property
  • Determine which locations are best suited for you


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