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About Us

MOBLZ was born from understanding that today's workforce craves incentives, games, and memorable experiences to return to the office. We also noticed food truck owners and chefs needed digital branding support, while foodies enjoy playing games, reviewing and supporting their favorite trucks and swapping recipes. As the world's first mobile vendor management (MVRM) platform, MOBLZ empowers commercial real estate owners and managers, as well as corporate offices, to make their buildings stand out, retaining and attracting tenants and employees with community-building experiences.


Meet the Designers

MOBLZ emerges from the collaboration of serial tech entrepreneur Eric Garrison, CEO of WTE Solutions, and commercial real estate guru Becky Hanner, blending innovation with industry expertise to help building owners and managers create the unforgettable office experiences today's workers demand.

Let's Grow Together

Building Owners & Managers

Join MOBLZ and contribute to shaping unforgettable office events and experiences essential for today's workforce. Together, we can enhance tenant/employee retention, ensure compliance, boost community PR, and elevate your brand and reputation.

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