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How do I get started?

Sign up for an account and complete an application form, which will ask you basic questions that enable us to provide you a quote for your MOBLZ subscription.  Once that is completed you will be connected to a Service Representative who will answer any questions, generate pricing and instruct you on next steps.  

What can MOBLZ do for me?

MOBLZ enables you to manage the ever-growing mobile service provider and food truck traffic on your properties while offering you a way to package it as an amenity for your building's tenants. While MOBLZ offers you many benefits, the most important include:

  1. Liability risk-mitigation through a vendor certification process that ensures service providers have liability insurance and proper business and operating licenses.
  2. The ability to know in advance what mobile service provider is on your properties and when.
  3. Elevate your building occupant amenity package with the benefit of additional services.
  4. Reduction of administrative time in managing mobile vendors the way you do today.
  5. An easy way to amenitize mobile service offerings for your buildings’ tenants.

What is a Mobile Amenity?

It is feature for the benefit of your tenants much like a gym or onsite cafe. Think of it as packaging the growing mobile trend into a program that is a benefit and a service to your customers. 

Is this a replacement for my existing vendor management platform?

Absolutely not! MOBLZ is not a vendor management platform. It is strictly a platform to manage and amenitize the mobile services and food trucks that are utilized by tenant employees on your properties. We call this a Mobile Vendor Relationship Management (MVRM) platform. This is not a system for managing the vendors that maintain or support your buildings such as your third-party electricians, landscapers, pest control, etc.

Is there a fee or cost?

Yes. MOBLZ is available by subscription on a monthly per building basis. Contact us to begin the first steps in receiving a quote for your properties.  

How do I approve mobile vendors?

Mobile vendors and service providers who want to conduct business on your properties will initiate a request for approval to do so through the MOBLZ platform. You will receive a request notice along with a link to their required materials (business license, liability insurance (COI), service description, etc).

Upon completing your review, you choose whether to approve the vendor, approve them with restrictions, or deny their application. You will also be able to approve requests portfolio-wide by property to make it convenient to manage across all of your properties.

Can I select specific vendors that I would like to have on site?

Yes, you can. For example, if you want to review all of the approved food trucks for a location and send requests to a specific few, MOBLZ enables you to easily send a request to them. 

Do we need dedicated spaces in our parking lots?

No, but it does help in many cases.  Depending on how you want to amenitize mobile service providers, dedicated spots will showcase the amenity and will make sure that approved vendors are in a designated space.