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On the Most Sought-After Amenities: Outdoor Space

Tenant expectations are high. They expect top-notch commercial building amenities. What can you offer that your neighboring office parks don’t? What are the amenities that will set your campus apart? As part of our series on the most sought-after amenities, last week we talked about campus-wide Wi-Fi to make tenants' business seamless and stress-free outside of their office space.

According to Fooda (the mega partner for corporate food service at leading companies like Amazon, GM, Wayfair and Hyatt), the most sought-after corporate amenities for tenants are:

  • 4. Dining options so employees don’t have to leave campus.
  • 5. Fully equipped fitness centers.
  • 6. Outdoor spaces that are amazing as amenities themselves.

There’s more to this list, but you’ll need to come back again next week as we delve deeper into these topics. This week, we’re talking...

Outdoor Spaces.

Are your outdoor amenities as impressive as what you provide indoors? Today, we’re talking about more than just beautiful landscaping. Yes, having a visually attractive campus is important, but you should be amenitizing your outdoor space just like you do with your interiors.

  • Create attractive outdoor spaces that are comfortable. No picnic tables here!
  • Find multiple spaces to create patios with comfortable outdoor seating and dining options. Pro Tip: plan those near your food truck location so tenants find the spots convenient.
  • Add outdoor power stations so tenants can charge devices outdoors and food trucks can plug in so their generators don’t make lots of noise. Pro Tip: Food trucks have different power requirements depending on their size and equipment. 50-amp plugins make a world of difference. Quieter lunches make tenants happier, and a power hook makes your property more attractive. Plugins will also allow trucks to stay longer. For example, you can have a truck for breakfast & dinner, or plan your own food truck rodeo.
  • Install benches near water features and interesting landscaping spots as a place for tenants to recharge during the day.
  • Create outdoor gathering spaces where tenants can come together after work for networking or social activities that you orchestrate. A large pavilion with seating, stage, sound system and fans could be an amazing addition to your campus.
  • Team up with local artists to showcase their work, or commission outdoor art installations or larger-than-life murals.
  • Add outdoor games or courts that allow for sports activities.
  • Ensure walking paths are well-maintained. Create jogging trails around campus, or turn unused walking paths into jogging trails for outdoor fitness.
  • Install outdoor fitness stations. See our fitness amenity blog post for more about this idea.
  • Incorporate corporate beehives to beautify your gardens and offer tenant educational opportunities. See our bee blog post for more info about Bee Downtown.
  • Don’t have space to create outdoor space? Think out of the box with rooftop or parking deck patios or gardens.