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Bring Bee Downtown To You!

Are you looking for a fun, atypical, and living amenity for your properties?

Think beehives! There are many benefits to having bees on your corporate campus, and adding bees is easy. Companies we recommend such as Bee Downtown (BDT) provide hives, ongoing care, and create education about bees for your tenants.

Principal Beekeeper and Chief Cultural Officer Ben Dictus told us beehives are just the beginning. Bee Downtown’s hives live at Chick-Fil-A, Burt's Bees, Delta Air Lines, Microsoft, Wellstar, and about 70 other companies.

Benefits to adding bees to your campus include:

  • Pride - people are proud when where their work cares about the natural/agricultural world.
  • Connection – bee hives create an interesting new “water cooler” helping people connect and communicate.
  • Leadership – bees bring leadership lessons shared during BDT’s Leadership Institute training sessions.

“We connect people to their employer. We connect people to bees! It is amazing how many people are so happy to get outside of the office and learn about something important to our world,” Ben explained.

Dictus let us know that bees are peaceful to watch, and their presence encourages employees to learn more. Bees also “pollinate flowers within a 2–3-mile radius”, bringing life into your office park.

MOBLZ helps property managers evaluate, schedule, communicate with, and manage mobile vendors such as Bee Downtown. Would you like help adding unique amenities to your properties?

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