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On the Most Sought-After Amenities: Retail + Play

Make shopping and fun convenient during the workweek

Tenant expectations are high. They expect top-notch commercial building amenities. What can you offer that your neighboring office parks don’t? What are the significant amenities that will set your campus apart? As part of our series on the most sought-after amenities, we’ve talked about ways you can bring convenience to your tenants in many ways.

According to Fooda (the mega partner for corporate food service at leading companies like Amazon, GM, Wayfair and Hyatt), the most sought-after corporate amenities for tenants are:

8. Security measures as a fundamental safety concern.
9. Tenant lounges that entertain and build community.
10. On-site retail is a crowd pleaser.

We haven't quite finished off this list, so you’ll need to come back again next week as we delve deeper into these topics. This week, we’re talking...

Retail + Play

Food’s #10 spot goes to Retail, but we’re adding Play to this must-have amenity because we believe they go hand-in-hand. Tenants are busy people. Running errands can be a time-consuming hassle - time that people may not have. Finding new creative ways to offer retail and play conveniences on your property using our mobile vendor relationships could be just what you’ve been missing.

Not every property can offer retail shopping and entertainment; many campuses just aren’t set up for this type of space, the cost of conversion might be prohibitive, zoning might make it impossible, and so on. And yet, the right mix of retailers — perhaps a car wash, dry cleaner, beauty salon, and shopping boutiques — can make it easy for employees to handle errands during the day. When you think about how you handle your own errands, we expect you find your after-work time is precious as much as your tenants do. Tenants can also use many of these things for employee retention and wellness.

By offering mobile service providers who bring their retail, services, and entertainment directly to your campus,  tenants can take their weekends back.  MOBLZ helps provide retail and entertainment options even if you’re not leasing to those types of businesses.

  • Create interesting educational opportunities by hosting lunch-and-learn programs with a local guest speaker, insurance rep or financial planner.
  • Allow local retail boutiques to sell their wares, especially handmade gift artisans, in your amenity center or high-traffic areas.
  • Bring out a pop-up market for holiday shopping convenience or a fun Fall festival.
  • Schedule a monthly mobile car wash day where tenants can have a car spa day while they work.
  • Contract a mobile personal trainer, massage therapist, and concierge doctor to provide on-site wellness options for tenants.
  • Coordinate a regular dry-cleaning drop-off/pick-up service with a mobile laundry.
  • Invite mobile services like hair, nail, and barber shops to offer their beauty services to tenants.
  • Establish a weekly food truck rotation for breakfast, lunch, or dinner service. No morning coffee shop line or after-work grocery trip needed.
  • Host wellness events by scheduling a 3-D Mammogram bus or flu clinic in your parking lot. These bill through employee insurance, so there’s no cost to your property.
  • Build community through entertainment and networking opportunities. Schedule gaming tournaments, musicians, tasting/pairing events, or wine & design sessions to bring tenants together on your property.

Looking for ways to offer convenient and fun events for your property?

MOBLZ may be able to help you create community-building events through relationships we’ve cultivated and improve the work-life balance for your tenants. Being a MOBLZ-enabled property can bring more than just food truck rotations. We’re helping property managers like you do more with less effort in the event planning space.