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5 Tips to Make a Positive Impact on your Food Truck Rotations

A strong food truck rotation is a selling point

Claire Osselin has one of the best food truck rotations in the city. Her tenants are always happy with the selection of trucks, the events are well attended, and she has new trucks wanting to be part of it. Claire’s company just signed a huge tenant, and one of the selling points was how strong the property’s amenities are – especially having regular food trucks. It’s a winner in the 2022 Amenity Race.

How did she develop such a strong rotation? It’s all about relationships and communication:

  1. Claire makes it a point to check in with the trucks when they’re onsite. This shows the food trucks she cares about their success and gives her an opportunity to get feedback. Claire does not have the time to make it to every event, but five minutes spent with the truck operator can go along away. It helps to develop a relationship so issues can be easily resolved when they (inevitably) arise.
  2. Claire hangs posters and sends out email and SMS reminders about the food trucks. Keeping your tenants in the loop is key to building a strong rotation. Tenants can only support the trucks if they are given the information in advance.
  3. The same way Claire checks in with the food trucks, she also communicates with the tenant’s employees. Seeking feedback and making sure things are going smoothly help to keep things on track and brings new ideas. Just the other day she got an idea about hosting a blood drive from a tenant. Did you miss our Secret Communication Weapon blog post from last week?
  4. Every quarter Claire works with her MOBLZ rep to understand which trucks are successful and why and tweaks her rotation. Get a refresher with our Amenities Spring Cleaning blog post. Working together as a team with the information both have gathered (about things like ticket sales, location, and tenant feedback) has led to more successful lunch events.
  5. Claire knows the numbers. It takes plenty of money and time to operate a food truck. Gas, employees, food, and insurance are only a few costs associated with running a truck. If your property is lagging in sales, it will make it difficult for trucks to want to come out. Have an understanding of what a successful lunch for each truck looks like, and you’ll find the right fit for your property.