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MOBLZ’ Secret Communication Weapon

2022 Amenities Race Series: MOBLZ' Secret Communication Weapon

In case you have not seen some of the events we have helped run recently, they usually have great attendance. Many people ask MOBLZ “How are you getting this many people to participate?”

Here is the is not that complex: COMMUNICATION!

Communicating with Tenants is Different from Communicating with Occupants.

The majority of Property Managers who think they have a good line of communication with their tenants simply do not realize they actually do NOT. Why is this? Most of the time, properties only communicate with their main point of contact for each tenant company. This is usually the case in Commercial, Single Tenant, and Residential properties. What MOBLZ does differently with our communication is that we sign up your main point of contact as well as all of the individual tenant employees, and regularly encourage them to participate in the events on your property.

Expert Communication Tip.

We also segment email lists. In the commercial space, we have the main Tenant Contact for our program notification, and some items are directed just to them. (In Residential, that would be the primary contact like the apartment complex manager). But the real value comes in the communication we send to the individual employees, the Tenant Employee Contacts. MOBLZ pre-loads our system with a list of the tenants and we ask them to associate to a specific business (including how they are related to the building in order to allow interested folks that don't necessarily work on campus to also join in on the fun). The “DO YOU” value here allows us to also capture additional contacts for the property:


Over the past few years, we have found excellent value in notifying multiple people when it comes to events and food truck rotations. The primary contact may or may not be forwarding the info to others or could have a delay in getting the info out. By communicating directly with the employees in your buildings, you're almost guaranteed to have a better turn out.

Communicating the Positive Grows Your List.

MOBLZ baits tenant employees with Events and Food in order to build a solid distribution list. Think for a moment - which list would you rather sign up for: “Know when food trucks are coming for lunch” or “Get our Recycling Alerts”? Both types of communication have value, but we find that when all the Occupant hears from the building is “Don't do this” or “Warning, ant infestation in the break room” type alerts, they are less likely to open emails from you. When they know that the alert is telling them about special events, food trucks, mobile vendors, and fitness events, they rarely opt-out and are highly likely to remind a co-worker to sign up also.

Use Social Media and Apps to Market.

At many properties, MOBLZ is also syncing our event messaging on the property's social media accounts. Physical signage, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram messaging should all have a similar feel, and be used. If you're able to hit people where they spend their time by using multiple avenues like this, you're more likely to attract more attention.

In fact, incorporate sending messages via all modes: email, SMS, and Push Notifications via our MOBLZ app is a winning combination.

MOBLZ Makes Communication Easy.

In the property amenities race, we're finding that communication is the key! Consistently tell your tenants how great your property is. If you have yet to have to have a conversation directly with us to see how we can make this easy for you, please let us know and schedule an appointment to talk.