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Are You Spring Cleaning Your Properties’ Amenities?

This week we’re thinking about an annual Spring Cleaning. For you, that might be at home, in your garden, or perhaps even in your office space. As a Property Manager, this is also a great time to do some Spring Cleaning with your property’s amenities. Now sure...we could be talking about physically having areas on your campus cleaned (perhaps your maintenance team has already taken care of this), but today we're talking about taking time from an operational approach.

Spring is a great time to “clean” your property’s amenities, too:

  • Review any special events you hosted in the last year, and assess what events worked and which didn’t. Make a fair assessment of things like process and planning versus value. Use tenant participation to determine “success” as well as to spark additional event ideas. Plan for additional resource needs based on the knowledge you’ve gained. Allow your assessment to inform decisions for which events to continue and which to retire. Expand on your winners and ditch the duds.
  • Assess the fixed amenities your property offers tenants. Look at usage and facilities requirements to help determine what amenities tenants use, as this can tell you what to expand or which things sound great on paper but aren’t being utilized. If maintenance and upkeep costs are a concern, underutilized amenities may be a place to propose savings to your management team. For amenities that are well-utilized, this might give you direction on what other amenities your tenants will find valuable. Ask for help: survey your tenant contacts to collect accurate data to inform your decision-making.
  • Re-evaluate your food truck rotations. Is it easy to work with your food trucks? Do your trucks receive good tenant reviews? Do they have valid COIs for your protection? Adding new food trucks is a great way to add tenant variety and fun. Weed out the trucks that are unpopular or have unexplained no-shows.
  • Re-evaluate your other mobile service providers. More services are “going mobile” all the time. Have you noticed tenants biking to work? It may be a good idea to add a mobile bicycle repair vendor. If tenants always seem to be overworked and overstressed, provide them access to a mobile masseuse. Don’t have an on-site gym? Consider adding a local fitness trainer or boot camp for outdoor sessions.
  • Try something new. Historical assessments are immensely valuable, but be sure to leave room to try something you haven’t done before to see how tenants will respond. Start slow with a small budget to test the waters. If your idea is successful, continue to grow the event over the years to become something even better than your original vision. If it doesn’t work, don't be afraid to keep searching for a good fit.

Every week MOBLZ helps property managers schedule food trucks, discover contacts for new mobile vendors, assure every mobile vendor has valid COIs, and bring tenant engagement, excitement, and magic. Contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to show you how our services can make your mobile vendors and event planning responsibilities easier!