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What is the New Buzz around the Parks?

2022 Amenities Race Series: Drone Videos and Campus Tours

No - this is not another blog about bee keeping on corporate campuses...we already did the urban beehive article on how to lure back tenants with honey. This buzz is different; this week we're talking about Drone Videos and Campus Tours. As one property manager recently told us: "My market is in an amenities arms race." This and other emails over the next few weeks will focus on the current Amenities Race and how to keep your property in that game.

Drone Tours Showcase a Campus like Never Before

The Drone buzz is a higher pitch than urban beehives and comes from a quadrotor flying camera. Drone tours can give prospective tenants a bird’s eye view of the property to really elevate what you allow them to see. Many amenity-rich properties have added rooftop balconies, new green spaces, Frisby golf, and dedicated food truck spaces --- which could take hundreds of photos to really capture. This is where you can benefit from shooting drone video.

With the increased pressure on Property Managers to actually help tenants attract talent with their properties, such videos are becoming an important piece of the marketing package. Big companies have gone big with their drone tours, going viral. Check out a few impressive campus tours:

But even smaller campuses can show off with drone tours – especially when a building has high design like United Therapeutics or beautiful spaces. By marketing your business with compelling and unique content like this, you can significantly improve your ability to attract attention.

Our Tips for the Best Drone Video

Hire a Pro

For crisp and clear aerial shots of properties, places, products, or services, use a team of professional photographers and FAA-certified drone pilots. The result will be stunning, high-resolution images suitable for both print and digital media.

Use Images in Unexpected Ways

Some properties have used their views and landscape as backdrops in their collaboration spaces to bring the outside in...a strong 2022 trend.

Be Prepared for the Best Result

Just be sure to give your drone team a list of goals and objectives so they will hit those highlights when they fly. If your building is in an impressive location or features beautiful design, these aerial views will show it off best.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

20220511_DroneBuzz_01-(1).jpgOne of several “treehouse” lounges in LendingTree’s new headquarters in Charlotte.
20220511_DroneBuzz_02-(1).jpgView from JLL’s new downtown Durham building.

Be a Show-Off

MOBLZ sees video consumption surging. Prospective tenants love videos, but they are certainly not alone. When occupants are newly returning to the office, your drone videos can show off what is new and exciting on campus since they have been away. Use video to welcome tenants' home. Don’t only focus on buildings, greenspaces and amenities; include events and activities to make them miss being with you in-person again.