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Want to get the women of your workplace more involved? Read more!

With many tenants still allowing remote or hybrid workplaces, engaging with employees continues to be a challenge for most businesses. As a property manager, you can’t impact what’s happening with your properties’ tenants when it comes to things around their business operations, but you CAN offer things to engage employees when at your office park. In honor of International Women’s Month, we’ll be focusing on ways in which you may be able to help your tenants provide valuable amenities that matter to the amazing women they employ.

The best way to find out what amenities will benefit your female tenants (and honestly all tenants), will be to ASK THEM. Surveying to learn what would keep employees engaged, make them feel comfortable at the property, or allow more time for a balanced work-home life would be a great place to start! You’ll likely find that many things will cross genders, but some things may address traditionally female concerns. Providing amenities that speak to their needs will show your tenants that you care about their staff and generate goodwill that can go a long way when leases are coming up for renewal or you’re entertaining a potential tenant.

What are things you should ask? Keep in mind that you won’t get anyone answering 50 questions, but a short list of things that you could actually implement at your property is the way to go here. Consider including open-ended questions. See our survey suggestions here.

  • Do our common spaces feel comfortable and clean? Or to take it a step further: How would you suggest improving our common spaces?
  • Do you plan to use our outdoor amenities like the x, y, z? Or to take it a step further: What outdoor amenities on our property would help you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • Would you frequent food trucks at lunchtime if we had a consistent food truck rotation? Or to take it a step further: What specific food trucks would you like to be part of our regular food truck rotation? Or: Would you frequent food trucks at lunchtime more if they offered online preordering so you didn’t have to wait for your food?
  • What other amenities can we offer that would allow your office to socialize more frequently, easier or more comfortably?
  • Which amenities that typically require you to take time off work would you like to see at the park? Or to take it a step further, give some examples of things you might be willing to arrange like childcare, on-site fitness (either thru an actual facility you create or via a mobile fitness instructor for morning burn workouts or lunchtime yoga breaks), laundry service, health visits via mobile doctor, dentist, chiropractic or massage, pet daycare, mobile car wash/detail services, electric car charging stations, or other things that are appropriate for your location.
  • If we offered weekend family-friendly events like family fun days, shopping events, farmers markets, health events, or car shows, would you come back to the property over the weekends?

While it’s true that these are also questions that will be relevant to ALL of your tenants’ employees, considering polling tenants of vairous genders separately to determine what speaks to each segment differently. You may be surprised by the ideas you’ll gather, and can put some meaningful things into practice!

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