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Working In A Hybrid Workforce

For nearly two years, the world has had to make significant adjustments in the workforce. Recent developments give us hope that the world is going to open back up. Let’s talk about what that means for the workforce. The typical Monday-Friday work week has changed to a more flexible work hybrid week. This evolution in the work week has a direct effect on you, and more importantly your tenants. The days your office park was most populated may have shifted. MOBLZ is well adapted to help you navigate the new hybrid work week.

Story time -

Cindy is a property manager in North Carolina who oversees a 500,000 square foot office complex with three buildings. She runs a thriving food truck rotation on Wednesdays and Fridays. She has a blood drive every other month in conjunction with a food truck event. The pandemic hit and she made the decision to shut everything down with the help of her MOBLZ representative.

Fast forward to a year and half later, Cindy is hearing that her tenants are coming back and would love to start the food truck rotations and blood drives back up.

What should she do?

  1. Find out what days the tenants plan on being in the office. While Wednesdays and Fridays worked well before, if tenants’ employees are going to return with a hybrid approach work week, she might need to plan for a different day of the week. Ask tenants what days are they going to have employees on site.
  2. Cindy contacted her MOBLZ representative to help set up the food truck rotation and her first blood drive. With the information she garnered from the tenants they were able to get things up and running quickly.

Understanding your tenants’ new workweek is an important piece to ensuring the events you are planning are successful and well attended. MOBLZ is agile and can adapt to change quickly. We can get those food truck rotations, events, catering, and mobile vendors on your campuses when it makes sense for your people.

Ready to bring a food truck rotation for your property?

Register your property with MOBLZ, and we’ll help your team coordinate events and communicate with your tenant occupants to make them easy and successful.

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