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We have transitioned out of the end-of-year holiday season with turkey, eggnog, and Mariah Carey belting out “All I Want for Christmas is You!” to the beginning of a new year. With a new year often comes resolutions which tend to be focused around losing a few extra pounds accumulated over the past year. And with COVID, many of us have put on enough weight that our clothes aren’t fitting quite right. So, how can you as a property manager, help tenants with that?

Well, if you’ve been following us for long, you know that MOBLZ has been encouraging the addition of amenities that can help keep your tenants healthy and active. For example, many larger facilities have walking trails where tenants can often be seen taking a stroll during breaks and over lunch. If you are a manager of a campus with a trail, encourage your tenants to use them...but to also help maintain the trails by taking a small bag with them to pick up any trash they find or to let management know of any issues they might notice.

With spring coming up and the promise of beautiful weather to come, also take some time now to begin planning for some outdoor events. This could include simple activities like planned hike days or mid-day basketball game time, morning yoga on the lawn, or even coffee or smoothie breaks using food trucks.

If you are in charge of scheduling food trucks for your property, check out the food truck directory for your area on the MOBLZ website for some healthier food options for your tenants. You can also contact us for help scheduling an event or establishing a food truck rotation. Email us at

For some additional inspiration, we’ve included a few links to past articles discussing outdoor activities and health. Regardless of your choice of event, now is the perfect time to help your tenants make good choices by offering them fun and healthy opportunities.

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