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National Cheesesteak Day

Today (March 24) is National Cheesesteak day and it pays homage to the timeless sandwich classic:  the cheesesteak. Believed to have originated in Philadelphia, PA in the 1930s, this simple, but delicious cooked sandwich is a food icon. Awesome food doesn’t have to be fancy! So how can we celebrate this day and possibly use it to our advantage?

We’ve worked with some local cheesesteak trucks for quite a while now. If you are local to one of the MOBLZ markets, simply check out the Vendor Directory to find a Cheesesteak truck near you.

Also, check out the mobile interview we conducted with Mr. Cheesesteak back in January. You can find them at,, or Tell them the good folks over at MOBLZ sent you!

Be sure to light up your social media channels to let people know that a great food truck is going to be on your property and that people should come and check them out. Part of your strategy to getting people back to our campuses should be to offer social gathering opportunities. What is a more timeless social opportunity than providing a literal chance to break bread (and steak, and cheese..) together?

Also, keep in mind that Spring has sprung (on March 21) and the temps are getting warmer,so it feels like a great time to start getting people back out and about. We can host events at our facilities safely and we at MOBLZ think it’s time to start doing that again.

If you haven’t yet had time to read last week’s email on “Caffeine Awareness Month and FOMO” check it out. If you weren’t able to implement some of our suggested fear-of-missing-out marketing strategies last week, this week is another chance. Use human nature to help your company.

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