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Best Practices for When We Reopen Food Truck Events

We here at MOBLZ believe that the reopening of the Food Truck market is imminent and we're excited about that! With that in mind, below are some best practices to use when getting back out there in the marketplace.

For Trucks:
  1. Absolutely NO truck operator that has a temperature or is sick.
  2. Encourage pre-orders to reduce client exposure and wait time.
  3. People handling food MUST wear gloves and change them often. Masks for all people in the truck!
  4. If at all possible, no cash. Use chip reader or RFID for orders that are not prepaid.
  5. If you use an IPad, do NOT hand it over for tip/signature.
  6. Keep hand sanitizer at your pick up station.
For Property Managers:
  1. Develop a location layout plan: Space Food Trucks with enough distance in between.
  2. Mark on the ground indicating 6 feet apart in areas where your food truck visits. Don't forget eating areas too. Add additional signage to remind people.
  3. Have your day porter wash down eating areas or provide mats and wipes.
  4. We are not medical experts, but eating in sunny areas is better than the shade. If you have tables and chairs you may want to consider placing them in a sunny location. Your body produces Vitamin D when exposed to the sun and there is quite a bit of evidence coming in that Vitamin D helps your body fight COVID-19.
  5. Provide no-touch trash receptacles, preferably outside.
  6. Require people picking up food to wear masks and gloves to avoid contamination.
As we begin to see locations opening up again, we want to provide you with some new procedures and practices. These practices are our new normal, especially when it comes to food. We will continue to inform you and update these practices as things proceed. If you need any help planning for your updated food truck schedule, please Contact Us.
We want to hear from you to see how you are doing!
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