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National Burrito Day

Today is National Burrito Day! Did you know that the word “burrito” actually means “little donkey”? The name for the food came from the packs and bedrolls donkeys once carried. A burrito looks like a bed roll. As one of the most popular ethnically-inspired foods, there’s a lot to celebrate about this flavorful little food roll.

While you might think that burritos are a more modern entry into American cuisine, you’d be wrong! Burritos have been served in American restaurants since at least the 1930s. While traditional Mexican burritos are made with just meat and beans, you can enjoy a burrito with just about any combination of ingredients. Most of us are used to meat, beans, salsa, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes. Some people include rice as well. However, you can definitely create your own style, including the popular breakfast burrito.

As property managers, we can celebrate National Burrito Day by going out to find a good burrito to enjoy. However, we wanted to use this opportunity to remind you that one of the more popular spring diverse cultural experiences is coming up, namely Cinco de Mayo (May 5). Early May historically has pleasant weather. It’s not too cold or hot and is a great time for an outdoor party. Now is the time to be planning to have a Mexican or Tex-Mex food truck show up at your property. Take a look at our Vendor Directory and filter by cuisine to find Mexican, Tacos, or Tex-Mex food trucks. Maybe pair your food truck event with a Cornhole tournament.  As always, make sure you heavily promote your event on your social channels and via email marketing to your tenants. Promote, promote, promote.

Here’s an example of a Cinco de Mayo pop-up event that MOBLZ is hosting on May 5, 2021. Check it out here. The Facebook event lists the food trucks involved, the other vendors that are coming, and it has links to all of the businesses involved. It’s also shareable and has all of the pertinent information for people to be able to take advantage of the event.

If you’re behind in your MOBLZ reading, make sure you catch up on the backlog. We have more than two years worth of great tips for you over at the NEWZ.