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Mobile Amenity Ideas

In past articles we’ve written articles about amenities that you can bring to your properties to provide a better tenant experience.  Today we want to offer some suggestions on some mobile amenities that you may not have thought about yet. Mobile amenities are wonderful for your location because they aren’t permanent and can be changed as trends come and go.

Some past articles include:

Bee Hives
Meditation Gardens
Fire Pits
Chess / Checkers

Our Mobile Amenities Suggestions

Everyone loves to learn new things. Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint, make mixed drinks, or effectively speak in public? There are often talented local teachers that would be willing to come to your complex to offer group classes. Maybe have someone come in to teach a paint pouring class, how to use a cricut machine, or do a Wine & Design event. Additionally, you could also offer some virtual classes through SkillPop, MasterClass, or Each site has a large diversity of classes including arts, business, and even investing. 

Even with modern technologies and conveniences, it seems we are busier than ever. There are a lot of people who are willing to pay for other people to do things for them. For example, companies like Consider it Done offer concierge, moving, and personal assistant services. More traditional mobile amenities are things like dry cleaning services, mobile auto detailing, bike repair, oil change, and massage therapy. Work out arrangements with these types of vendors to give them access to your property and then let your tenants know that they are available. 

Business Focused
For business parks, we think it would be a wonderful idea to combine some mobile amenities into a single event. How about having a food truck provide lunch for the office staff and then have everyone join in a virtual conference or class? You could even play a fun trivia game on Kahoot! (we bet your kids know about this one). Throw in some cookies and ice cream for dessert and you have a perfect team-building event. Face it, we could all use a morale boost. 

The ideas above are just scratching the surface of mobile amenity potential. As property managers, we know that you are creative and resourceful. We hope the ideas presented point you in the right direction and offer the proper spark to improving your tenant’s experience. 

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