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How MOBLZ Can Help You With Mobile Amenities and Events

As property managers, you have a lot of things going on – between tenant relations, contractors, property inspections, and dealing with government regulations, it can all be overwhelming. How should you go about scheduling the mobile amenities that MOBLZ recommends? How about planning events? In this week’s NEWZ, we wanted to provide some tips on helping create successful relationships with mobile vendors and how working with MOBLZ can help you find the vendors you need to build better tenant relationships. We are here for you and willing to help.

STEP ONE: Determine what you are type of event you want to hold.
Are you trying to celebrate a certain season, such as Halloween or Christmas? Or maybe you want to recognize a certain culture (such as Hispanic Heritage or AAPI. How about a tenant or employee appreciation day? Having the answers to these questions not only puts you on the path for a successful event but it helps our vendor support team be more efficient in helping you plan. We highly suggest visiting some of the events that we post on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram] so that you get an idea of what might be possible. This will also allow you to see and meet some of the mobile vendors that we work with. You will get some great ideas of what vendors you would like to work with by attending and supporting these events.

STEP TWO: Decide if you want to hold an event virtually or in person.
If you want to try to bring your tenants together socially, a pop-up event with multiple vendors might be the way to go. Additionally, if you have an idea of where on your property you would like to hold the event, let us know that as well so that proper arrangements can be made. Do you want to hold a charitable or social consciousness event? If you want to help your community a blood, food, or a school back-pack drive might be the ideal thing to do.

STEP THREE: Contact MOBLZ at and let us know what you’re thinking about trying to achieve.
You don't have to have the answers to all the questions, but a starting point will make it easier. Our job is to help develop your ideas and to connect you with the right vendors. Let us know what type of property you manage (commercial or residential) and about how many tenants you think might attend. If, after visiting other events, you have an idea of vendors you might want to invite, let us know that as well. Also, we need to know the date and time that you want to have the event so that we can begin to contact and schedule the vendors. It may seem a bit overwhelming but in order to have a successful and fun event work, the more information you can provide, the better.

You tell us the type of event they want to have, what type of vendors they want to invite, when you want to hold the event, and about how many should be in attendance. MOBLZ takes if from there. We contact the vendors to schedule them for the event. It’s really that simple.