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MOBLZ is the world's sole Mobile Vendor Relationship Management tool, or MVRM. A term we coined, it serves a trinity: the stewards of buildings, roving vendors and food trucks, and the consumers who work in and eat from our partners. The MOBLZ food truck directory will allow you to access food trucks and mobile vendors in your area.

  • For Guardians of Buildings: Those who manage properties turn to MOBLZ to bring life, diversity, and a spark to their spaces. MOBLZ helps navigate the dance of mobile amenities, ensuring both vibrancy and safety. Find food trucks and vendors near you to bring to your campus.
  • For Nomadic Vendors: If the open road calls you and your services, MOBLZ is your compass. List your food truck or mobile car wash on the MOBLZ directory to find those who seek what you offer, expand your horizons, and collaborate with property leaders in prime locales. Include your truck to be part of the MOBLZ network in your area.
  • For the People / Foodies: For those who relish the charm and culinary delights of food trucks and the convenience of mobile services, MOBLZ beckons. Lend your voice. Rate, review, and champion your favored mobile experience; those who come after will say thanks. Frequent your food trucks and find new trucks to check out around you.