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North Carolina

Food Trucks in North Carolina

In North Carolina, where mountains kiss the sea and heels get sticky with tar, there's a new rhythm on the streets – food trucks. When you hear the hum of generators, the sizzle of grills, the chatter of eager foodies, and smell your favorite pizza, coffee, hamburger, BBQ, or soul food, you know you're in the right place and lunch is served.

When the sun beats down on Raleigh's streets, foodies don't mind the heat, drawn to the promise of a unique taste, a story, a picture, and a share. From the smoky aroma of barbecued pork that harks back to deep-rooted culinary traditions to the spicy kick of fusion tacos, Korean barbecue, and freshly sliced Sushi NC food trucks serve shareable experiences.

Wilmington's ocean breezes carry the scent of fresh fried seafood from food trucks parked by the harbor across to Charlotte's bankers drifting toward Asheville's smoky mountains. Follow the tobacco trail to discover artisanal sandwiches from Bomb A$$, pulled pork from the Corner Boys, Chirba Chirba's dumplings, and Naked Empanada. With each bite a testament to the chef's craft, is there any wonder why Durham loves food trucks?

In North Carolina, food trucks near me are more than a trend. These colorful restaurants on wheels reflect the state's old south roots and new south soul. Blending old and new, tradition and innovation create 3 Jays Cajun Crab, Will and Pop's hotdogs, and Barone's Meatballs. And as the sun sets, casting shadows on the Tar Heel State, MOBLZ is grateful for our profound culinary revolution on wheels. North Carolina food trucks, we tip our hats, use our napkins, and say thanks.

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