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Food Truck Spring Cleaning: Let's get ready to roll

Gearing up for the busy food truck season: 5 tips to get you ready

Hey Truckers! We know the busiest time of the year is quickly approaching. With food truck rodeos popping up, more people outside, and attending social gatherings again, the food truck busy-season is just amongst us. Add on the fact that companies are having welcome back events, lunch rotations at MOBLZ properties and your regular business. To start gearing up for that, we’ve created a spring-cleaning checklist to help shape up your truck for summer, including a few additional tips that could lead to more profits. Keep reading for more!

  1. Check your social media. If you have not posted a picture of your food since 2018, you are doing yourself a disservice. Phones eat first so it's important to add pictures regularly. When clients reach out to a truck, providing them with pictures from your social media is a plus.
  2. Refresh your menu. Is your pricing up to date? Have you added or removed items? Property managers, HOAs, and foodies like to know what they can get from your truck when making their decisions about which trucks to frequent.
  3. Reach out to MOBLZ with any updates to your profile or menus. Many clients use our directory to find you for events. Companies are looking for trucks that can cater for large events – especially with many office park welcome back events going on right now. Keep your profile up to date in order to score a large lunch.
  4. Post your schedule. We promote food trucks and love sharing food truck events on our social. You need to be telling folks where you will be! This helps customers get an idea for what you’re selling, or potentially encourage new customers to come out and try out your food.
  5. Ask for feedback from your customers. You might think your chicken parm is the best, but your fanbase may think your eggplant parm is the greatest item on your menu. Having your best items on your menu can improve your turnout rates! If you need some taste testers, MOBLZ has some of the best around with a band of MVFs (Most Valuable Foodies).

These are just a few tips on how you can be prepping for the food truck busy season! Want to get on rotation at a MOBLZ property?

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