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Gone Fishing: Using Instagram to Reel in Followers

How can creating a 15-second video help grow your food truck’s following?

Well first – you need to know what Reels are all about. Reels is an Instagram feature that allows you to create video content that can then be shared with your followers or anyone else who uses the app. You can choose from an array of audios and effects for your videos to make them interesting, fun, funny, etc. Reels get shared to the Instagram community, where your Reel could make it onto the newsfeeds of people outside your inner social media circle! This grows your reach and can get you new followers!

Folks can scroll and interact with Reels they like via feeds. This means that your chances of gaining the attention of a new audience is significantly increased. Growth by Instagram Reels is also organic growth, so this means less money spent on advertising and working to grow your account.

Use Reels to showcase your food!

This can mean anything from what goes into creating dishes or cooking, as well as other behind-the-scenes footage from the truck your customers normally wouldn’t see. Show off the inside of your truck or showcase part of a shift to give followers a new perspective to the ins and outs of your small business.

Using trending audios increases the chances of your Reel being shown to more people and newsfeeds. This can increase engagement on your profile and promote overall growth of the page … which leads to more sales.

Reels is an easy to use, effective and inexpensive tool to grow your online presence and can lead to more business. Be sure to tag MOBLZ in your first reel! #MOBLZ

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