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Social Media Strategy: Why Your Property Needs a Content Creator

Content creation broadly entails producing content for a website or platform, from its concept to publishing. Being a content creator means wearing many hats. One day we're telling stories, the next we’re focused on shooting photography or photo editing. Sometimes, it’s all about video creation, or resizing your IG Reels so they fit on YouTube shorts, and making sure your text is the right color for your platform, or being organized to pre-plan and strategize a marketing campaign. Having the right tools is key. Get our Social Media Toolkit recommendations. When it comes to being a property manager, tenant relationship manager, or member of your property’s tenant services team, you likely have little time to do any of these things (let alone them all)! Yes, you need a content creator. A good one will help influence for your property and communicate what's important to you in creative ways.

Whether you already have a team member handling your social media presence or want to hire someone new, you need to understand that content creation and social media marketing is likely not an intern-level role. If you’re expecting to strategically use social media to generate leasing opportunities or to improve tenant communication, you need someone with more professional expertise than a typical intern would bring to your team. Building on that even further, managing social media is often something separate from traditional content marketing; social is different from web marketing, email marketing, blogging, podcasting, and print marketing – even though they all have a place to work together in collaboration with each of the other elements. And social media trends literally change weekly, so watching trends and being fluid enough to shift strategies is also essential for success in this space.

Content creators need to understand not just how to create good content, but also to know what people want to see and how to promote it well. This includes being able to understand measurable data metrics and be able to make decisions based on that analysis. They also need to be flexible and understand that trends change in seconds. More importantly, just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s right for your brand. As quickly as you can gain followers, you can lose them – or worse, hurt your reputation.

Join us again in the coming weeks for: 

  • our recommendations for the specific skills your content marketer needs.
  • compelling content ideas for your property websites and social media platforms, including some of the best do’s and don'ts we’ve seen when it comes to marketing office parks.
  • ways to better use social media for your property that align with your marketing goals.
  • time-saving ways to create social media content through scheduling content.
  • putting the genius of ChatGPT to work for you.