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Finding Food Trucks for Your Event

In this second part of our food truck insider series, we talk about selecting the right truck for you. MOBLZ has relationships with many of the most popular trucks around and can help connect you with the perfect vendor.

So, now that you’ve decided you want to host a food truck event for your property, what food truck are you going to have? There are a range of different trucks and cuisines to choose from: Mexican, Mediterranean, BBQ, vegan, and more. In deciding on what food truck, you want for your event; you might consider what your employees prefer. By selecting a food truck your employees are likely to enjoy, the food truck will have better sales and be more likely to return to your property for reoccurring events. Once you’ve selected what kind of food you want at your event, there are a few ways to go about finding a specific food truck. First, check the MOBLZ Food Truck Directory to see if we’ve already cultivated a list of popular food trucks in your area. If not, your area may have a Street Food Finder page or Food Truck Association resource online. Also try a quick Google search: “food trucks near me” or “RTP Food Truck”. Any of these options should point you in the right direction!

MOBLZ makes it easier for you to find food trucks for your events, and we can even handle the scheduling, so you don’t have to in some areas of the country. Connect with a MOBLZ representative to set up your next event with ease! New to scheduling events and trucks, please give our Blog with 12 easy to follow steps to ensure your success.

Did you miss last week's article about maintaining a successful truck rotation? Next week, we'll wrap up our truck insider series with more tips about working with food trucks successfully.