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Employee Appreciation Part 3: Suggestions for Deskless Workers

For the last two weeks we've talked about workers with fixed workplaces – whether in the office or remote. Don't forget those critical team members who don't have a desk or maybe even a workstation. Do your tenants have traveling support staff who visit customers or the folks who really keep your tenant's business working – janitorial and maintenance staff. 


Remember, your tenants are busy and may struggle finding time to come up with meaningful appreciation ideas. You can come to the rescue and secure their appreciation. MOBLZ is here to help with event coordination – from ideas to full implementation, let our experienced staff make you look good! 


Pick-Your-Own Custom Swag – Tenant companies likely have clothing and gadgets with the company logo! Give employees a budget and let them select what they want. If they don't have company swag, you can suggest local vendors (maybe other tenants!) who will imprint nearly anything. If you don't have contacts, MOBLZ may be able to locate a local vendor for a more personalized touch. 


Turn the Break Room into the Party Room - Decorate, play some music, and don't forget the treats. Keep it going all day and cover every shift. If a tenant doesn't have a break room, can property management find a convenient space to help with this suggestion? 


Classic Tournament - Think about bringing in a ping pong table, or corn hole board and host a tournament during lunch. Everyone loves to show a little competitive spirit. Pair this with the last suggestion and you've really got it going on. Can property management find a convenient space to help with this suggestion? 


Movie Screening - Turn the conference room into a movie theater or sport viewing venue (college basketball anyone?)! Bring soft drinks, popcorn, and candy and enjoy a break together. Many movie theaters will also offer private screenings of current movies to make it even more special and allow folks to include their families.  


MOBLZ helps property managers and employers create dynamic and motivated work environments with events and food truck rotations (which also make great employee appreciation events by paying for all or part of lunches). We are here to help you, too, so contact us for a free consultation and next March you can celebrate Employee Recognition Day with pizazz. Psst – you don't need to wait for March, either! Many professions have a designated month to appreciate their employees, too. Check out our suggestions for in-person and remote workers.