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Employee Appreciation: Unlocking the Power of Recognition

As a manager, one of the most impactful ways to boost morale, increase productivity, and foster a positive work culture is through employee appreciation. Recognizing and celebrating the hard work and achievements of your team members in an intentional and well-thought-out manner is a fundamental aspect of effective leadership. Employee Appreciation Day has been formally celebrated on the first Friday of March since 1995 and continues to gain momentum. Miss it this year? Never fear. Set your own day or start planning for next year!  

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and committed to their roles. This, in turn, leads to improved performance, higher job satisfaction, and reduced turnover rates. By prioritizing employee appreciation, managers can create a work environment where individuals feel supported, respected, and integral to the organization's success.  

As a property manager, you can impact your tenants’ employee experiences. With a little forethought, creativity, and access to a MOBLZ event coordinator for your tenants, you’ll be the hero when offering these suggestions to your tenants. With a MOBLZ service agreement, you’ll be offering ideas and easy implementation - making you a superhero in your tenants’ eyes. 

So, how can property managers help their tenant-managers effectively show appreciation for their employees? Make sure your tenants know about your efforts throughout the year and remind them you are there to help. And by “you” we really mean “MOBLZ.” Be sure to tailor these events to your team's unique needs and preferences, so you can create meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact.  

Check out some inspiring examples of employee appreciation events that managers can implement to unlock the power of recognition for different types of employees. For your in-person workforce:  

Car washes by Leadership - Get the management team in some grubby clothes and start washing the cars of your team members. This is a great two-fer – teambuilding for leadership and you provide a service for your crew. Who wouldn’t tell the story about the time their boss washed their Chevy. If you’re execs just aren’t willing, mobile detailing providers like Spiffy Car Care are available in most markets and can arrange company-paid Car Wash Day events for your team.  

In-Office Masseuse Visit – A quick 10-minute chair massage can make a remarkable difference in how you feel. What a great break even while sitting at your desk! A quick massage is a meaningful way to show employees you care about their health and well-being. Mobile vendors are readily available in most markets and MOBLZ can help you locate one.  

Invest in Their Growth with a little company time and a budget to pursue a personal interest! Let your employees pick how to use the time and money to grow their skills in a direction that interests them. Maybe it's a conference, a virtual class, or an immersion program – the important thing is they get to choose!   

Bring-Your-Pet-to-Work Day – Employees love their pets – and don’t get as much time with them now that they are back in the office. Pick a day to bring those furry friends in and make the day special with pet treats, playtime, and meets. As the property manager, you might think of a safe outdoor space on your campus to facilitate some play time. 

MOBLZ helps property managers and employers create dynamic and motivated work environments with events and food truck rotations (which also make great employee appreciation events by paying for all or part of lunches). We are here to help you, too, so contact us for a free consultation and next March you can celebrate Employee Recognition Day with pizazz. Psst – you don’t need to wait for March, either! Many professions have a designated month to appreciate their employees, too. Next week, we’ll provide some suggestions for remote workers.