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Employee Appreciation Part 2: Ideas for Remote Team Members

Last week we talked about the importance of employee recognition for all staff and gave some ideas for in-person employees. This week we turn our attention to the remote team members. While the connection for property managers to impact tenant-managers’ appreciation of remote team members might be challenging, it’s still an important component of your tenants’ experience at your property.  


Your tenants may be new to the area and have no idea where to get good ideas or help to appreciate their teams. This is where you and MOBLZ come in! Approach the concept like a concierge service. 

Write LinkedIn Recommendations – Managers can publicly validate the strengths and skills of their team members by writing recommendations to their LinkedIn profiles. That’s a gift that keeps on giving and lives beyond one day. 

Home Office Stipend – For folks working remotely who are giving up space within their home to benefit the company, show some appreciation with a meaningful allocation to freshen up the space or make that space more productive and comfortable. Let it be their choice. Your tenants and their employers may also be new to the area – consider offering a list of local vendors to find some products. 

Offer Gym Memberships - With Employee Appreciation Day every March, it’s a great time to show your employees that you support them and their annual goals. Show that you care about more than just their work performance... you care about the person and their goals. Consider a variety of choices and be flexible. If your property happens to have a tenant that is a gym, work out special on-campus rates for employers within your park to offer as a community incentive. Your gym tenant will appreciate this too. 

Family Game Night Box – Assemble a couple of different games and have them delivered to your remote workers so they can enjoy some family fun. Maybe mix a jigsaw puzzle, something classic (Monopoly, BattleShip, Checkers), and something crazy like Twister or Pie Face. Avoid electronic or digital options – this is about time together.  

Dinner Out (or In) - Everyone appreciates a free meal, but giving gift cards often seems impersonal. While many local restaurants will offer e-gift cards now so you can send something electronically to staff you don’t typically see, you might organize a local restaurant delivery or go the route of Blue Apron or Omaha Steaks if you know an employee likes to cook. 

MOBLZ helps property managers and employers create dynamic and motivated work environments with events and food truck rotations (which also make great employee appreciation events by paying for all or part of lunches). We are here to help you, too, so contact us for a free consultation and next March you can celebrate Employee Recognition Day with pizazz. Psst – you don’t need to wait for March, either! Many professions have a designated month to appreciate their employees, too. Next week, we’ll provide some suggestions for workers without fixed work locations or desks. Don’t miss last week’s suggestions for on-site workers.