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Welcome Back Your Workers!

It has been nearly 2 years since your park has been at full capacity. Today on your drive you noticed that the parking lot for Roselle Systems has a few more cars in it than usual. Roselle Systems is a flagship tenant that housed 1500 employees. They went mostly remote 2 years ago, but when you speak to the office manager, you find out that the company plans to bring employees back next month. The plan is to have 600 employees starting next month, with the option to hire phase throughout the rest of the summer. The office manager lets you know they are super excited to be coming back and is wondering if you have any suggestions on what they could do to welcome back employees.

Luckily, you have your MOBLZ rep on speed dial and they are able to ease any anxiety you may have. Planning an event that large can be a bit overwhelming but having a strategy and options to fit any budget makes it so much easier. In no time you and the MOBLZ rep send Roselle different options.

Option 1: Food Truck Rodeo

MOBLZ works with a multitude of trucks that offer various types of cuisines. If you are expecting 300 employees you can offer 3-4 trucks and include a dessert. Based on the conversation we had with Roselle Systems they would like to spend $15 on each employee. We can have each truck create a menu reflecting a $15 price point. The menu can also be tailored to be $10 at a food truck and $5 at dessert. The most important thing to know is that you have some flexibility. Employees will be given a ticket to present to the truck. Trucks will keep the tickets and settle with you after the event. Consider staggering the times the employees are going to eat. You want to decrease wait time and not overwhelm the trucks.Having employees pre order is also a great move.

Option 2: Grab & Go

Have a coffee truck set up in front of the office entrance. Employees can grab a cup of coffee and snack on their way in. This is quicker and cheaper than a rodeo but just as effective. Employees can enjoy a small perk on their way into work. You can also set up a table at a front of the building with company swag. MOBLZ also works with a ton of local vendors that offer, chocolates, candles, and cookies. You can even look at having Spiffy handouts.

Option 3: Blood drive

Sponsoring a blood drive is quick and easy. A blood drive is a great way to build a community. The employees will feel great about giving back and the company will help make an impact on the community. We typically would pair a food truck to run alongside the blood drive.

These are just a few suggestions on things you can do to welcome back employees. MOBLZ can tailor a plan to fit your needs and budget. Welcome back events can be fun and safe. Please reach out to discuss anyone of these options.