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Share The Love : Some awesome ideas on how to include charities in your office park

How is it possible we’re only two months into the year? New Year’s, Galantines, Valentines, the Super Bowl, and let’s not forget Covid-19 is still around. With all of this happening around us, we do see a bit of calm coming in the next few months. The days will start to get longer, your tenants will be moving back in, and a sense of normalcy is approaching. Once it starts to get warmer, things will ramp up and we will be shuffling around, enjoying the fact it's not dark at 4:45PM, making it the perfect time to share love. A great way to do this is by organizing a charitable event to impact the community.

During the holidays we see many coat drives, toys for tots, and food drives. So, what are we able to do for the rest of the year? A great way to positively impact your local community is by hosting blood and food drives. We have talked in the past about the importance of blood drives and how easy they are to set up. Hosting a food drive is also easy.

Let’s focus on some other charitable ideas today!

First, find out which organizations in your community are requesting donations--your tenants are also a source of information for this. Oftentimes, companies set up partnerships with non-profits that you may not be aware of. Reach out to tenants and ask who they might be affiliated with. MOBLZ maintains relationships with nonprofits and charities, so your MOBLZ representative can also be a big help for finding out more information here.

Drives are fun, but they do require some work. Once you have a cause selected, give yourself enough time to execute a plan. For example, if you decide to do a book drive, starting February 24th and ending March 1st, have you given yourself time to establish what sort of procedures will need to be executed for it to be successful? Did you give yourself enough time to promote it to your property? Have you reached out to neighboring properties to see if they would promote it as well to make it real community effort? Tenants love opportunities to give back, but to help ensure a successful event, we have to give them notice so they are able to participate.

Don’t be afraid to set goals. If you have chosen to work with the local women’s shelter and they need hygiene kits, set a goal of how many kits you’d like to provide and share that with tenants. You can share updates online or create a message board next to your drop-off station. Encourage tenants to surpass the goal by hanging posters and reminding them of the difference they can make in others’ lives!

Make it easy for tenants by having multiple areas in which they can drop items off. Many charities also run virtual drives, or will welcome monetary donations online as well. MOBLZ worked with Cars and Coffee Morrisville for their First Responders Appreciation Day. People were able to purchase coffee, donuts, or a meal for First Responders. It was a great pay it forward event that went so well, that additional funds were donated to a national first responders’ charity.

For tenants that are looking to be active, volunteers are always needed at Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, or programs like “Keep America Beautiful”. The Summer and Fall months are great times for outdoor efforts like these.

There are literally unlimited possibilities when it comes to charitable drives, events, and volunteer opportunities that you can spear head at your property. There are so many in need in our communities, and you can help your tenants to share the love. Don’t limit charitable endeavors to the holidays and blood drives...create a year-round plan now.

Contact your MOBLZ representative to see how we can help partner you with a local nonprofit and plan a successful drive.