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Nutrition In The Workplace

Eating right is not only a healthy choice and can contribute to having a good day, it also impacts our productivity and can have a lasting effect on overall health. Companies are now more than ever looking for ways that they can make it easier for employees to make healthy choices, and as a property manager you can impact your tenants’ wellbeing. Here are three things you do to make this happen: offer tenants healthy meal choices, make it easy to incorporate exercise into their work day, and provide on-site access to physical and mental resources they can look to when in need of additional support.

Here’s some more info on what your property can do:

  1. While you may not pay for their food, you can ensure your food truck rotation includes some healthy options. We love burgers, tacos, and pasta, but those are not the only food truck options. There are plenty of trucks that offer salads, smoothies, or seafood. Be sure to maintain a balanced rotation, and think about adding breakfast trucks (who often offer lighter fare and would encourage tenants to start off their day with a full belly).
  2. We have talked before about the importance of maintaining your walkways and trails. Whether it's via a smart watch or phone, many folks have devices to keep track of their steps. Encourage tenants to go on brief walks through the day to spark creativity, get the blood moving, and reduce stress. Read more about having fitness options at your office here.
  3. Make sure your communal and outdoor spaces are kept clean. Eating outside of the office helps with breaking the monotony and encourages employees to spend more time outside, while also using the benefits of your office park.
  4. Farmers markets are a great event you can host on weekends. This way tenants are able to include families, help a small business, and purchase healthy foods. MOBLZ has experience putting together events like farmers markets, too – we're not only about food trucks!


It may not seem like a lot, but following some of these tips could make a tremendous impact for your tenants’ physical and mental health. Contact your MOBLZ representative to find out how we can help balance out your food truck rotation or plan a farmers' market.

Bring fitness to your office park!