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National Microwave Oven Day (Go Eat at a Food Truck!)

Monday (12/6/2020) was National Microwave Oven Day! Who knew, right? This day honors an appliance that changed the way we use the kitchen. The ability to use microwaves to heat food was discovered quite by accident by a Raytheon engineer named Percey Spencer. While working with active radar, he noticed that the candy bar in his pocket melted. Intrigued, he tried other foods including popcorn and eggs. After this accidental discovery, over 90% of homes in the United States now have a microwave oven.

We at MOBLZ think you should celebrate this day by NOT using a microwave oven, but instead finding a local food truck or restaurant to dine at. For example, if you’re in the Durham area of North Carolina, join The Latin Effect over at Winchester Place near Imperial Center Medicine on Wednesday (12/9) or Barone Meatball on Friday (12/11). If you can’t make it out to Durham find a local place to support. With COVID still creating issues, small business owners would greatly appreciate your business.

For the remainder of 2020, do what you can to support local businesses. Their very existence depends on local patrons who are willing to buy products, services, and food from them.