• The Naked Empanada
  • The Naked Empanada
  • The Naked Empanada

The Naked Empanada

Cuisine: Empanadas
3 Ratings
Empanadas, a filled pastry, are traditionally a Latin cuisine. Fried or baked (our empanadas are fried) these delicious morsels are sure to leave you wanting more. Our empanadas are handmade from locally sourced ingredients. They are labor of love as each one is hand filled, hand rolled and hand crafted.
Featured Food Truck Nomination
Featured Food Truck Nomination



Molly Vaziri

Literally the best empanadas in the world. Recently went to spain and had empanadas and these are even better not gonna lie


Betty DeStefano

Naked thinks outside of the box in developing amazing flavors in a handheld. My two favorites are the Nutella & Strawberries dessert empanada, and The Shroom. Who would have thought that a vegetarian option would taste so good?


They don't lie, you really don't need any sauce for these empanadas. So yummy!

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