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Mobile Vendor Parks

Mobile vendor parks, or locations dedicated to hosting food trucks and other types of mobile service providers, are a growing trend nationally. While researching this topic, we found examples from Florida to Alaska!  We wanted to highlight a few locations that are slightly more established to give you an idea of what they offer.

Eats on the Creek (or on Facebook)
Eats on the Creek is a vendor park located in Florence, SC.  The site was specifically designed to host food trucks. It offers a covered picnic area, bathrooms, and provides electrical hookups with the parking spot price rental price. They offer weekly rates of $300 or a daily rate of $65.

Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market (or on Facebook)
Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market is the first permanent mobile vendor park in Atlanta. The park is located at 1850 Howell Mill Road and has over three acres of space. The park was built on the site of an abandoned hotel and had been vacant for years. More than just a vendor park, they offer live music, a farmers market, and is available to host parties, festivals, and other private events.

Box Yard RTP (or on Facebook)
We actually featured this park in an article last year and due to COVID-related delays, construction isn’t quite complete. Box Yard RTP promises to be a very unique environment as its main feature will be spaces made from shipping containers. Once complete, the park will be located between Durham and Raleigh, NC at 900 Park Offices Drive in Research Triangle Park. It will feature a multi-level area, music stage, and restrooms.

Hanover County, Virginia
Although not exactly permanent sites, Hanover County, Virginia (north of Richmond) offers space for mobile vendors during March - July and August - December. The County offers locations at multiple parks. Poor Farm Park, Pole Green Park, and Courthouse Park. The mobile food vendor permit that is required for access to these locations is only $100 per year.

Spenard Food Truck Carnival
Located in Anchorage, Alaska on Spenard Road, this seasonal food truck carnival is open from March to September every year. It’s a very active gathering with as many as 12 trucks at one time. It’s awesome to see that more permanent sites are spreading across the country, even into Alaska!

As the Mobile Industry grows, we believe we’ll see more and more places dedicated to servicing mobile vendors. In the meantime, we believe that it is a good sign for the industry to see areas and municipalities open to the idea of creating spaces for mobile vendors to congregate.