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Mobile Service Vendors

When it comes to the Mobile Economy, it seems that our minds often go straight to food trucks. While food trucks make up a significant portion of mobile companies, there are many other types of vendors that should be included. In this week’s article, we want to focus on mobile services providers.

Car Care Providers
There are many types of mobile automotive services available. There are mobile companies that focus on car detailing; mechanical repairs; tire changes, rotation, and repairs; windshield repair or replacement; dent repair; and oil changes. When preparing for this article, we did searches in 10 cities and found companies that performed most or all of these services in the cities we looked at. Spiffy On-Demand has franchises in many cities that offer wash and detailing services, oil changes, tires, and glass repair.

Pet Services
Mobile Pet Care also seems to be fairly well-established in many markets. In our research we found vendors providing mobile veterinary, grooming, training, pet-stting, photography, spay/neuter, dog treat bakery (AKA Mobile BARKery 😀), and even euthanasia, taxidermy, and cremation services. For example, in the hometown area of MOBLZ, a company called Local Mobile Vet provides veterinary services, microchipping, and preventative medicine.

Self Care
While we’re taking care of our vehicles and our pets, we shouldn’t neglect taking care of ourselves. There are full service mobile spa trucks, nail salons, massage, hair salons, workout gyms, and even clothing boutiques. All of these services are designed to bring the salon experience to you! Many of the companies that we found even offer parties and workshops. One particular type of service that is popular is spa or princess parties for tween girls. For example, Cutie Pie Pampering  in the Charlotte, NC market offers pop-up parties for makeovers and spa treatments.

Medical Services
If you are in need of something more than pampering, there are also multiple mobile medical services available. This is especially useful for companies and industries that require frequent health screenings, physicals, or drug testing. And, these are also excellent options for people that are in medically underserved areas. There are medical providers with mobile services that will provide mammograms, dental exams and cleaning, imaging (x-ray), laboratory services, pharmacy, vaccinations (including COVID-19), and even elective procedures such as Botox. One example that provides such services in the Research Triangle Park, NC area is Mobile Health. In addition to these medical services, MOBLZ has often promoted blood donation through mobile blood donation sites. Check out a recent article: National Blood Donor Month.

MOBLZ continues to keep its pulse on the mobile marketplace to keep you apprised of what’s up-and-coming.