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Mobile Business Ideas

Many of the property managers we talk to want more amenities.  We are lucky that in many markets MOBLZ serves that we have seen high growth new startups.  In our recent Podcast, we even talked about some celebrities getting into the mobile businesses.  

Sometimes the hardest part of starting a business is coming up with the idea of what the business should be. But once that “what” is decided, the “how” can more easily be put into place. MOBLZ has seen an amazing array of businesses over the years, but there is always room for additional types of businesses in the mobile realm.

Before we end up with more Bikini Buses and Mobile Vape Lounges, we thought we would toss out some ideas. If you happen to talk to local entrepreneurs, feel free to share our list of what we think would be good commercial and residential amenities to add to the line up.

An old-fashioned style barbershop is a classic hangout for men. If you take that same sensibility and take it to the customers, that can be a next-level business. It could be a natural accompaniment to a food truck rodeo. Lunch and a hair-cut all in the same place! It could also be a great idea to take on location to prep for a wedding or prom.

Although online retailers, such as Amazon, and the rise of e-books have really hurt traditional bookstores, there are many people who love the identity and warmth of an independent bookstore. A mobile bookstore could be taken on the road to community events, farmers markets, or festivals. The books offered, or course, could be tailored to fit the event.

Vintage Clothing Store
Let’s face it, retail rent space prices have soared over the years, keeping many low margin businesses like consignment shops out of the local business scene. How about taking the show on the road? Maybe find an old VW Van or other suitable vehicle and drive to local events to sell those amazing 80s parachute pants or early 60s pillbox hats.

Drone Photography
While drone licensing is now required in many areas (and for good reasons!), offering drone photography for real estate agents, weddings, graduations, or youth sporting events could be a great business opportunity. People love seeing things from a new perspective, and that’s exactly what drone photography offers.

Truck Delivery Service
There are many people without a pickup truck or large van that might need items delivered from companies that don’t necessarily offer delivery services. It might be an antique shop or the local bike repair shop that needs the services for it’s clients.

Mobile Farmer’s Market
If you have your own farm or can combine the efforts of several local farms, you could take your produce, flowers, eggs, or preserves to more urban areas and set up your own market. Or you can contract with a local farm-to-table restaurant to provide some of their needs.

Composting Service    
There are many environmentally conscious families and businesses who want to compost their green waste but either don’t have room for a proper compost pile, or it’s not allowed at their location. This business could drive around and pick up compostable materials from restaurants, families, and nurseries. The compost could then be sold back to gardners.

Record Store
Vinyl records have made a huge comeback. The warmth of the sound and size of the actual records and liner notes make them attractive to vintage-minded individuals and for those that actually grew up listening to music on 45s and 33s. Set up shop at festivals, farmers markets, or wherever music lovers gather.

Employee Training
One of the key downsides to running any business is the fact that employees need training. Some training is government-mandated, such as safety, hazardous waste management, or HIPAA. Other training might be something you, as the business owner, don’t know how to teach. If you can take your expertise and teaching skills on the road, it could be the key to a great business.

Many people love to create homemade crafts. The Pinterest boards show plentiful evidence of that! If you’re gifted in crafting of some sort (painting, macrame, nail and string boards, sewing, blinging, etc) and have the patient personality to teach others, this might be a great business idea for you. Look on Pinterest for terms Cricket, Cameo Silhouette, Glowforge or 3D Printers for inspiration.  They all would fit nicely in a sprinter van.

Of course, we’re only scratching the surface of possible business ideas, but we hope this short list gives you the inspiration to carve out your own little slice of the mobile pie.