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Alertz - The MOBLZ Announcement System

As property managers, we have a lot of responsibilities – particularly around doing what we can to keep our tenants safe and informed. Let’s talk about all-too-common occurrences for a few minutes. It’s 6am during the Winter, and there was freezing rain overnight. Your facility maintenance crew texts you and says they are having issues with the brine spreader, and they aren’t sure if they’ll have the parking lot safe for tenants to enter by the time the workday starts. What do you do? How are you going to contact all of your tenants to let them know of a potential problem? Should everyone work remotely this morning?

Communication is paramount to properly and effectively managing a property. What method are you using to let tenants know what’s going on? Signage and social media posts, of course, are key, but do you have a fast, direct, and easy method to let tenants know if an emergency arises or if plans for an event change at the last minute?

If your property has our MOBLZ service, you do! The MOBLZ ALERTZ announcement system can email and/or text anyone that has registered their email or phone with your property. With multiple templates available, YOU (as the property manager) have the control to quickly send an alert out with just a few clicks.

Having procedures and an alert system for your property’s tenants is important and necessary to keep everyone safe. Just like insurance, you aren’t aware of its value until you need it. ALERTZ is an incredibly powerful tool, available at your fingertips, to get the word out about anything of importance. Assess your alert process now so you’re confident in how it works when an emergency arises, and contact us to ask how to get MOBLZ ALERTZ set up for your property.