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MOBLZ 101: Intro to MOBLZ

Hey Food Truck peeps! We typically talk about you in our marketing communications to office park property managers or tenants in the buildings we schedule food truck rotations for, but our newsletters don’t necessarily talk to you. We would like that to change starting with this newsletter! We plan on directing some content your way - specific info you’ll find interesting and relevant to your business. What better way to start a new segment up than to introduce ourselves?

What’s a MOBLZ?

MOBLZ works with Property and Facility Managers to secure prime locations within their portfolios where you are welcome to provide your services on-site.

MOBLZ works with the property managers to create food truck rotations, catering events, and business for food trucks and mobile service providers.

We work with food trucks and Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) to help grow your business with no cost to you!

Why should you use MOBLZ?

  • It’s free! We promote, create content, and advertise events and trucks.
  • We work with property managers to create events and lunches for their tenants so can send business your way. We usually use food trucks to draw participation.
  • We also help facilitate catering opportunities for trucks.


MOBLZ features

  • Each truck has its own profile page - which customers can research for trucks, look at your menus, and follow your social media from our MOBLZ Food Truck Directory.
  • MOBLZ secures the dates and does all the promotions for events to our large network of users. We publish food truck calendars at the properties so tenants know which trucks will be out when. We promote on social media, in tenant emails, on tenant website portals, and via property signage and print marketing.
  • Customers can reach out directly to trucks through our system for their private events, giving you more free leads.
  • We work with property managers to give chances for more catering events and special events – it's not just about lunch rotations anymore. Check out the monthly Cars & Coffee event we schedule food trucks. Most trucks are a sell out!


MOBLZ’ goal is to create successful events for tenants at the properties we serve. We can’t do that without insuring we have strong relationships with our vendors. Be on the lookout for more content coming your way monthly so we can be of service to YOU: industry and local food truck news, tips for success, ways to grow your social media presence and draw in customers, and more.

Are You With Us?
If you are already listed in our directory, please check to make sure your information is up to date – we know there have been lots of changes from COVID. If you’re not already listed in the MOBLZ directory, head over to the MOBLZ sign-up page for food trucks to get listed.

If you need help with your profile or signing into an account that you haven’t used for a while, just reach out...we’re here to help!