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Let Your Tenants Get Spiffy®

With all the snow and ice many have seen lately the first thing you want to do is get your car washed and detailed to make sure the chemicals used on the roads doesn't do any damage to your car's paint job. The problem is that you have such a busy work and home life that you don't have the time. What if I told you that there's a company that will come to your place of employment or your home to wash and detail it for you? All you have to do is say "Get Spiffy!"

So, what does it mean to ‘Get Spiffy’? Spiffy is an eco-friendly mobile car care solution servicing more than 30 cities across 20 states. They’ve recently expanded into Albany, Indianapolis, Oklahoma, Wilmington, and Houston – but truly nearly every area of the country is likely to have some sort of mobile car care service...whether it be for car washes and detailing, mobile oil change, fuel-ups and electric car charging, and other car maintenance services.

Allowing these mobile car care solutions on your property is a fantastic way to allow your tenants to take their weekends back, having their car serviced during the week while they work. We know that many commercial PMs are concerned with the liability of these type services – from worries about waste water and oil spills, to damage complaints and the like. But with property Certificate of Insurance certification and a few guidelines for your mobile service providers, you can offer mobile car care with little issue.

Why add Spiffy or another mobile car care provider to your property?

Sure – car detailers are a dime a dozen in most areas, but working with a reputable company is crucial to ensuring your property’s particular guidelines are adhered to without worry. What is it that makes Spiffy stand out from other existing mobile services? These are things you want to make sure the providers you allow on-site do:

  • Spiffy’s services are 100% mobile: which means that their services travel specifically to the location that YOU determine is where they should work on your tenants’ cars. If that means at a less populated parking lot or in a particular sectioned off area, they’ll accommodate your guidelines.
  • Spiffy arrives with power, water and supplies. They don’t need to tap into your electric or water hookups, and leave your property as if they were never even there.
  • There is no cost for you to provide this amenity for your tenants. The tenant pays Spiffy directly, with easy payment options that ensure a smooth transaction for your tenants.
  • Spiffy is eco conscious, with many conserving and reclaiming practices. Spiffy uses half the water of a traditional car wash and 90% of a DIY wash, and reclaims 100% of water and supplies with proprietary wash mats. They were certified carbo neutral in July 2021, and use only products that are safe for the environment and their customers. And even their electric vehicle charging and oil recycling practices mean you can feel confident knowing you’re partnering with a responsible company, which your tenants certainly will appreciate.

How does it work?

  1. So how does it all work? Spiffy allows for users to schedule their personal ‘Spiffy’ through their website, phone, or through their iPhone / Android app. When users schedule their Spiffy, they will be prompted to choose from an array of services, such as: wash and detail, oil change, disinfection, and tire services – whichever services you allow on-site.
  2. Once users select their service, Spiffy brings their mobile detailing van, fully equipped with water and power. With Spiffy’s 100% environmentally friendly chemicals and reclamation mat, they effectively capture all chemicals preventing any runoff to prevent contaminating any surrounding areas.
  3. Users can digitally track, rate, and pay for their service through the Spiffy app. This allows users to pinpoint the exact time that the service will take, and how it can help them plan out their workday.

If you’re interested in establishing a relationship with Spiffy for your mobile car care services or another local provider in your area, MOBLZ can help. Properties can even offer scheduled days for mobile services, or allow tenants to foot the bill as an employee incentive. We’ve even had some properties pay for their tenant contacts’ car wash service as a thank you for being a great tenant.