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How Mobile Businesses are Increasing Accessibility

We usually think of mobile business from a food perspective (as in food trucks), but there are businesses that help individual people and the general public by more than just serving lunch. Many mobile companies make services more accessible to those who may not have the time or transportation to go into an actual office.

Big Red Bus
Blood donations save lives, and in the current pandemic situation, plasma collected from COVID survivors is being used as an experimental treatment for COVID patients. While it’s always been vital, donating blood is more important now, than ever. Blood donation services, such as the Big Red Bus, make it easier for people to donate because they set up at a central location such as a business campus or residential apartment complex. For more options for Blood Donations services see our past article here.

Consider It Done
Consider it Done (CID) is a service company that allows busy professionals to still get necessary personal items completed and still maintain their work schedule. CID offers personal services, from simple things such as picking up dry cleaning, to as complicated as providing life coaching sessions. They offer a myriad of other services including moving, concierge, and gift purchasing.

Mobile Lawyers
We all have legal issues that come up that need a lawyer’s help, even if it’s just an answer to a quick question. But not everyone has the luxury or ability to come to a law office during regular business hours to deal with legal problems. That’s why some attorneys have taken the next step in service by offering a mobile service. One particular law firm in Raleigh, NC even offers an RV office with extended nights and weekend hours to those that might need this extra help.

Mobile Tutors
Student tutoring is one of the oldest and established mobile businesses. With COVID, tutors have often had to become creative with how they help their students. That may mean that sessions have to be virtual or they may need to meet outdoors, weather permitting. Regardless, students needing a little extra help have access to teachers willing to provide it. There are multiple sites that aggregate access to tutors. Check out HeyTutor as an example.

Recap of Cars and Coffee
MOBLZ recently participated in an event in Morrisville, NC called Cars and Coffee. OneBlood: Big Red Bus attended the event and was able to help 17 people donate blood which helped to potentially save the lives of 51 people. We were also able to have a Back to School Drive to help a local Title 1 school - Eno Valley Elementary School. We collected crayons, notepads, kid sized masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes. This will help the teachers stock their classrooms.

Our next Cars, Coffee, and Food Truck event will be Saturday, October 2 at 5425 Page Rd, Durham, NC 27703

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One key aspect of the Mobile Economy is to take business to the customer. All of the businesses above increase the accessibility of services to those that need and want them.