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Helping Our Trucks and Your Property With Signage

As we continue to change and adapt our daily interactions and lifestyles, one thing will never change, our food trucks! You have probably seen their resilience and devotion to feeding their community. As this epidemic took over our world, food trucks found a way to safely and effectively provide us food. With curbside delivery and pickup options available we were able to continue to have our favorite meals. A handful of our trucks also took it upon themselves to donate food to those that could not afford food or to our front line fighters that are putting their lives on the lines for us.

How do we in turn help our food trucks? As the restaurant industry changes, we believe that food trucks will become even more popular. There are plenty of benefits when ordering food from a food truck, especially now due to Covid-19. One of the greatest problems we see when traveling to a location where food trucks are serving is the lack of signage. There is simply no way for outsiders to know where or when food trucks will be somewhere. Posting and sharing truck’s locations on social media can be extremely helpful, but at an office park, if there is nothing to let people know the trucks are on-site, commuters can pass by without knowing any food trucks are there. Putting up informational and directional signage will easily show people where to go for their food or when to expect it. This will also create more traffic on your property, which will build engagement and business for you.

There are a few different types of signs that you can use. Although, the easiest to use will be folding signs that can be customized for under 35 dollars or metal signs that range from 15-40 dollars. Our recommendation is to use a few folding signs because they are easy to adjust and move on a daily basis. On the signs, it’s best to have where the food trucks are located, what time frame they are there, and a website to find the up-to-date schedule. This way you don’t have to spend time changing out the signs. Paired with digital or print food truck calendars in your office building you will be able to draw more attention to your events. In most office buildings today there are screens in the lobby. Adding a truck schedule screen will remind those passing by about their lunch options!

If you want to add signage to your property to help out the food trucks and need help with your placement and language feel free to reach out. We are here for you!