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Food Truck Dreaming

Unless you would have to be living totally off the grid to not see the increase popularity of Food Trucks. Television shows like "The Great Food Truck Race"  have motivated many cooks and dreamers to start up a food truck businesses. Despite the incredible competition, the industry is growing very quickly. According to Mobile Cuisine & Business Daily, mobile food truck revenue has increased by 12.4 percent over the past five years, with the average truck grossing nearly $300,000 per year. However, while you can supply the inspiration and hard work, youꞌll want to balance that with proper planning and business acumen. 

If you've been considering starting your own mobile food business, there is a lot to learn. Your business will benefit greatly if you research your market and create a solid business plan. Don't dump your hard earned 401K into a food truck until you have done a lot of research. 

How much will it cost you to get running? That depends on the business you want to start. Many Truck Owners start with a used truck.  The advantage is that you save some money and get a truck on the road quickly.  Roaming Hunger usually has a few trucks available for sale.  Craigslist is another place to check, but be careful.  Don't be afraid to look outside your area. A market like Los Angeles will have 50-100 good trucks for sale at any given moment. Make sure you know your health code regulations when buying out of state, but you may find more options on the West Coast, where trucks are more popular.