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Food Truck Hunt

Foodies, Let's Party

Foodies, join the Food Truck Hunt game! Review and photograph your favorite trucks, share on social media, nominate top picks for Food Truck of the Month, and swap recipes to score points for your company. Earn enough, and MOBLZ will host an unforgettable party for your winning team. Let the games begin!

Once you are a registered user, you have 4 ways to earn points:

Review Food Trucks

  1. Eat at a MOBLZ food truck
  2. Sign in to & find the truck in our directory
  3. Leave a review for the truck
  4. Earn points!

Nominate Favorite Trucks

  1. Sign in at
  2. Nominate your favorite truck to be a featured truck
  3. Earn points!

Share on Social

1. Eat at a MOBLZ food truck
2. Snap pictures of you, your food, your friends, the truck
3. Share on your favorite social media site
4. Tag @moblz_com in your post
5. Earn points!

Swap Recipes

1. Check out the swap from our food truck chefs and MOBLZ users.
2. Enter your own recipe in the swap form.
3. Earn points!