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Feed the Birds Day

Did you know that you help the wild birds in your backyard survive the long, cold winter by feeding them? Bringing attention to that is exactly why “Feed the Birds Day” was created and is celebrated in mid winter on February 3rd. Mid and late winter are especially hard on outdoor animals. Food sources become more scarce by mid-winter for wild birds that over-winter in your backyard. What little food that is available can get buried under fallen leaves and snow. The bird feeder that you place in your backyard or on the property you manage may be entertaining to you and your tenants as bird watchers, but it is also vital to the survival of birds in harsh winters.

Take today as a chance to begin a new and fun adventure to help feed our local feathered friends. Place a feeder in a location where it can be seen from indoors. If you have walking trails or park-like areas on your property, place several feeders. Make sure to keep them full of seeds all of the time. Seeds are the best source of high energy food for wild birds. Other foods, like breads, are not as energy dense. Once birds are attracted to your feeder, you have effectively adopted them. For the winter, they become semi-dependent upon the seeds in your feeder.

You could even invite local school or civic groups for outdoor seminars on wild bird feeding, identification, and winter survival for local animals. You could definitely use this as an outreach opportunity in your community.
Get in on the fun today. Set up a bird feeder and save your wild backyard birds! We at MOBLZ would love to see your bird feeders in action. Send us pictures of the birds in your backyard to