Getting Started

Do you want your food truck or mobile service to connect with office parks and consumers looking for great mobile providers? There is no cost to food trucks and mobile vendors to be part of our network. Mobile service providers should do two things today:

  • Check the MOBLZ Directory – your mobile business may already have a listing.
  • Create a free Truck Profile - to be listed and become a regular at MOBLZ properties.

Check the MOBLZ Directory

We’ve already listed some popular food trucks and mobile services, and those trucks who already have MOBLZ rotations, so check to see if your business has a listing. Then, click on “Claim This Listing,” and we’ll contact you to provide administrative access to your information.

Create Your Free Truck Profile

Creating a MOBLZ account connects your food truck or mobile service with office parks and consumers looking for great mobile providers. Filling out the form below adds your food truck or mobile service to the MOBLZ Directory, and we’ll connect with you about becoming a regular at MOBLZ-enabled properties. Your MOBLZ Vendor Dashboard access will give you easy access to know when you're scheduled, and a way to communicate with us and your property managers.

Contact Information
May we send you Text / SMS Messages? Examples would be for when we're looking for an alternate food truck for an event, or if an event needs to unexpectedly be cancelled.
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Include http:// or https://in URL
Logo should be exactly 175px 175px and be in gif, jpg, or png format.
The logo will be stretched to this dimension if your file is smaller and will not look crisp.
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Business Address
  This information is for internal contact purposes only, and will not be published on the MOBLZ website for end-customers to see.