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FAQs for Mobile Vendors

What are the requirements to join?

Unless otherwise specified by a specific property, each mobile vendor is required to upload to our system:

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Proof of Business Liability Insurance
  • Proof of proper local business licenses
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance
  • Photo of Vehicle used
  • Photo of Driver / Primary Operator who will be on site
  • Logo (optional)
  • Description of your business, your contact info, web address, and social media links
  • Indemnification Agreement (if required)

Why should I join MOBLZ?

MOBLZ works with commercial building management companies to create approved properties within their portfolios where you are welcome to schedule and provide your services or sell your products. These properties realize that mobile commerce like yours can be attractive to their tenants, but want to be able to control and monitor these activities on their properties. MOBLZ enables them to do that while helping you build your business in several ways:

  1. MOBLZ enables property managers to gain comfort with your business while also protecting their interests. The MOBLZ platform makes it easy for you to upload and store required documentation (such as insurance and business licenses) so the local building managers can easily review and approve you.
  2. Through the online platform and the mobile app, you can easily create and manage your reservations for dates and times at the properties for which you have applied and been approved.
  3. MOBLZ creates a tighter relationship between you and the property management companies that matter to the growth and sustainability of your business.
  4. MOBLZ offers you a new channel to reach new customers by promoting your services directly to the building employees where you want to sell your services and products. This includes marketing programs that you may wish to customize such as coupons and specials. Today you are typically prohibited from soliciting within a building and are therefore limited to signage on vehicles and curb-side to attract new customers.
  5. MOBLZ member properties prohibit all non-MOBLZ approved service providers from going on site, thereby protecting your market from transient competition.
  6. Importantly for you, most property management companies want to offer amenities to their tenants and they are excited that MOBLZ can help them control the mobile trend on their properties while “amenitizing” it. This creates a win-win-win for you, your customers and property managers.

Is there anyone I can call to learn more?

Yes. Please call 866-994-7467 and ask to speak with a MOBLZ Vendor Support rep, or email

What? Is this a new trend? I’ve always been able to go wherever I want.

Increasingly, yes, it is a new trend. We listened to property management companies who have growing concerns about the type of services being performed or sold on their properties, often without their knowledge. Liability, safety and regulatory issues are paramount for them. The mobile commerce trend is growing and there is a desire to control the trend and protect their interests, yet they want to embrace and support it as well.

MOBLZ is the perfect way to bridge and protect everyone's interest.

Is MOBLZ a friend or foe?

MOBLZ is your best friend!  Though it might initially feel like MOBLZ is just an administrative burden you did not have before, the fact is MOBLZ has been designed to help you build and protect your market several ways. (See "Why should I join MOBLZ?").

Due to liability, safety and regulatory issues, property managers are faced with either shutting down access to mobile vendors or finding a way to manage it. Sometimes they limit access simply because they do not understand your business practices or compliance requirements with local ordinances. The fact is as more mobile services appear on the scene; more control is needed in order to protect your opportunity. MOBLZ is the answer to protecting your future.

Is there a cost to me?

No, there are no food truck fees unless you decide to purchase a marketing package within our Tenant Direct program.

How do I get started?

It's simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. You must first create an account.
  2. Select the properties that you wish to apply for access to. You may change or add to these at any time.
  3. MOBLZ does the rest. You will receive a notification when your property reviews are completed and have been either approved or denied by the property management company.
  4. Then you'll be asked to upload required documents like Certificates of Insurance for your approved properties and can begin applying to be on property.

How do I conduct an appointment reservation-based business?

You simply reserve appointment SPOTZ (30 minute periods) on the reservation page for the properties where you want to provide services, or apply for participation at a food truck event.  You will only be permitted to book an appointment SPOTZ or apply for food truck events for properties for which you are already approved.

For example, if you are a food truck that wants to work the lunch hour you might want to book 6 SPOTZ (11:00 am til 1:00 pm) at a location that isn't already having a food truck event.

If you are a mobile car wash, and have 2 customers who have made reservations for services that will take you 1 hour to deliver, you would want to book 2 SPOTZ. You may also want to book additional SPOTZ to reserve time for walk-up customers who may have not pre-booked you. SPOTZ are tied to specific time slots that indicate you have reserved that time and space for a specific property.

Do I have to pre-book SPOTZ or can I just show up?

Yes. SPOTZ and food truck event reservations must be pre-booked; you cannot simply show up without a reservation. Property owners ask for as much advance notice as possible, however it is required that reservations be completed no later than midnight the day before you will be on site at any MOBLZ member property.

THIS REQUIREMENT IS LIFTED IF YOU ARE USING THE MOBLZ MOBILE APP. This is because it automatically alerts and records your presence on property for the date and time you were there.

What happens if I do not book SPOTZ, but show up anyway?

All MOBLZ properties require SPOTZ reservations when you are providing services to an individual on-site. If you are discovered providing mobile services without reservations or pre-approved permission from the property, or are not using the MOBLZ mobile app to automatically alert your presence, you will be considered trespassing and will be asked to leave the property. You will also be at risk of losing permission to be on-site at any of the office park's properties or other MOBLZ certified properties.

All Food Truck vendors must also be approved to be on-site by the property management company, whether for a specific food truck event or as a drop-in.

Should I cancel SPOTZ or food truck event reservations if I cannot show up?

Yes. This may free up SPOTZ or food truck SLOTZ for other vendors on capacity controlled properties.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.  We will remove you from the website, notify the approved properties and delete your profile information from the MOBZ platform. You will no longer be able to serve any participating MOBLZ locations.  Please contact for assistance.