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Earth Day Celebration From Home

Happy 50th Earth Day to you! For the past 50 years, we have been celebrating Earth Day to show how much we want to steward our natural resources and take care of our planet. In the past people have celebrated this day by either volunteering in their local community, going on a nice hike or simply enjoying nature, planting, and so much more. This year there are still plenty of ways to enjoy and celebrate Earth Day in the comfort and protection of your own home.
  1. Start a Window Garden
    Many of us don't have the luxury of space to start our own garden, or we just don't have the time to devote towards caring for a full garden. That doesn't mean you can't still have some common herbs and veggies growing in your window. Plus, growing plants indoors act as purifiers for the air you breathe!
    • To get started, find a sunny window in your house or apartment. South facing windows will provide more than enough light generally. In the event you think more light is needed, a fluorescent light will work as a backup or addition.
    • Some of the easiest indoor herbs to plant include basil, cilantro, dill, sage, oregano, lavender, and spinach.
    • Next find containers to plant the seeds in. This can be an old yogurt container or old plant containers, just so long as they drain well. Follow the directions on the seed packets, plant the seeds and place the containers in the window on a dish to catch excess water.
Before you know it you'll be growing herbs and veggies to use in your next dish!
  1. Build a Birdhouse
    • Most of us have the necessary tools to build a birdhouse. You will need a pencil, ruler/tape measurer, either a hand saw or power saw, and a hammer or drill. If you have those tools you can easily make a birdhouse. You will also need one 5 foot by 6 inch piece of pine board. Follow these instructions and exact dimensions to finish constructing the house.
    • You can also build a birdhouse that sits against your window. If you choose this option you can watch what is going on inside!
  2. Enjoy a Walk
    The great part about walking is that you don't need extra equipment. On Earth Day you can go out for a walk while still staying safe and practicing social distancing. Getting outside is also crucial for helping your body produce the necessary levels of vitamin D. On average people need around 15 minutes of sunlight three times a week. While you are out, keep an eye and an ear out for different birds. They are extremely interesting and fun to watch! Just remember don't get too close or feed them. Some of our favorite birds to watch are cardinals, American robins, mourning doves, downy woodpeckers, and field sparrows. Mockingbirds are fun to watch as well because they are so territorial. Watch them and see if you can figure out what their territory is.
  3. Open Your Window
    If you aren't able to get out and go for a walk, just opening up a window to listen to nature can be very calming. Open your window and listen to the birds, or if you have a yard, lay out in the yard and take in some nature. This will give your mind some well needed rest along with stimulation of your senses.
  4. Play With Your Pet
    Lastly, playing with your pet is always the best time of the day! Your complete focus is on them and how adorable they are. Whether they play with one of their toys, balls, or just a stick they will be more than happy to run around. Go out either to your yard or an open park and have some fun! They need their exercise too and going outside is something can both enjoy your Earth Day at once!