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For movers and shakers in the social media world, one word seems to be on everyone’s lips: Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a relatively new invite-only social media platform that allows users to start or join audio rooms. It’s entirely different from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that the sole media used is audio. Currently, it’s still in the final testing phase, and only on iOS (but the Android version is in very early beta testing) so you’d need to get an invite from an existing user before joining a convo. After launching in March of 2020, the audience has already reached 10 million users!

The app is an interactive, audio-based platform that allows people to join real-time conversations, but in designated rooms by topic. If you like listening to podcasts or TED talks, it can be a similar experience, but you have the option to actually interact with the person doing the talking. Due to the exclusivity of the conversations, and being able to hop online with CEOs, and other influencers, Clubhouse has a good marketing buzz.

To get a Clubhouse invite, an existing member has to refer you. The number of invites available to someone who is already a member is based on their activity within the app. However, if you have an Apple product, you can download the app, set up a profile, and join the waiting list for virtual invites. The app will let you know if you have a contact that is a member that you could possibly cajole to send you an invitation.

Once you actually get a chance to join, the app will allow you to complete your profile and add basic information about yourself. One key differentiator for Clubhouse profiles is the lack of a character limit on your profile description. This is a great way to be able to create a full bio that helps determine if folks would want to follow you. After setting up a profile you can then start selecting interests. Of course, the more interests you identify, the more rooms that you will see. Your list of rooms constitutes your “hallway”, which is basically like a feed on more traditional social platforms. If you’re in your hallway, a swipe to the left opens up a screen of people you can chat with in a room.  Once in a room, you’ll see the room’s name or topic of conversation, the number of people who are talking and the number of people in the room. A room may have a moderator and a list of active speakers. If you would like to speak, you can virtually “raise your hand” and the moderator may or may not call on you.

While the app may not be for everyone, and especially every business to use for marketing purposes, there are certain sectors that are using the platform with some success. Some rooms discussing travel, food and recipes, and beauty have been very successful. As the platform is live and not recorded, shorter talks with bite-sized applicable nuggets seem to be the style that is being used. If you can get an invite, hop on and check it out to see if it’s something you would like to include in your marketing arsenal or just hop on now and then to use for fun.