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Lunch 'n Learns

Your tenants may be looking for a change of pace during lunch. That can take the form of a quick lunch and learn event that focuses on personal growth, sharpening work skills, or exploring the community. These 3 target areas give you a wide variety of topics to pick from. If you have a convenient locations, you can host guest speakers, broadcast short informative videos, or offer demonstrations. Local non-profits are often looking for opportunities to spread the word about their activities and make great guest speakers. 

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Just the Basics

Here are a few easy suggestions for for Lunch and Learn topics to get you started:
  • Personal Growth
    • Financial Planning
    • The Importance of Home Value
    • Estate Planning
  • Sharpening Work Skills
    • Basic Personality Types and How to Work Well with Them All
    • Tips and Tricks for Work Life Balance
    • Active Listening
    • Making the Most of Time Management Tools
  • Exploring the Community
    • Contact the local Chamber of Commerce and School system for speaker suggestions.
    • Look for non-profits aligned with tenant industries, especially mentoring oportunities
Don't forget the Lunch part! Bring in a food truck or two to make it easy for folks to participate. If the budget can stretch to a sponsored meal, all the better.