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Health and Wellness Events

Health and wellness events can range from routine testing to information sharing to blood donation events. Employers are interested in their employees' health and these events demonstrate that care. Open enrollment health fairs describing insurance plan options or encouraging required screenings can also be very popular.

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Just the Basics

Here are a few easy suggestions of health and wellness events to get you started:
  • Screenings and vaccines:
    • Flu shots (usually fall)
    • Mammography (We have a relationship with Invision Diagnostics)
    • Glucose - as part of a health fair
    • Cholesterol - as part of a health fair
  • Awareness
    • Local advocacy groups around various cancers and conditions likely have brief presentations - this may be cancer, kidney diease, heart disease, or mental health concerns
    • If you have a single large employeer or many of your tenants offer similar health plans, a health fair descriing the plans and providers might be very helpful during open enrollment.
  • Mobile fitness
    • Massage
    • Ergonomic assessments
    • Yoga
    • Bootcamp trainers (we have a relationship with Camp Gladiator)